For our long-standing customer – a unique commerce-culture oriented mall – we’ve conceived and implemented an original interior 3D navigation system.  The 3D model of the Old Brewery that was made with the utmost care and attention to detail is used both in their mobile app, as well as on large touch screens mounted in various points on the site.

Clients and Patrons can use these screens to locate a shop or venue of interest, and are given detailed instructions on how to reach it. A clean and distinct 3D model of the entirety of the property facilitates ease of use and makes directions clear and precise.

The basic view of the navigation screen correlates precisely with what the user is seeing around them, outside the screen. This increases immensely the speed and ease of use.

WAYFIND3R reads all the data it needs from a CMS (Content Management System) that it shares with a mobile app and the official website.

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