E-marketing / Augmented Reality 20 November 2018

Our app is an addition to the E-MARKETING book, an innovative addition to the chapter about Augmented Reality.

Interactive 3D objects are displayed above the cover or above the coauthors’ business cards, which is supposed to show AR as an alluring marketing tool.

PWN’s E-MARKETING book contains valuable guidelines and conclusions drawn by many experienced practitioners of the interactive industry based on their projects.

The book became a bestseller amongst publications of the same nature.

The author of the chapter dedicated to Augmented Reality is Piotr Koźniewski, our CEO and Creative Director.

The PWN publishing house consistently invests in technological development and the innovativeness of its products. The Group publishes more than 500 publications a year. Amongst those are both paper books, e-books and multimedia products.

The book is also available for on-line purchase here.