Dedicated mobile solutions are the best way to reach smartphone and tablet users. We use mobile devices’ potential in 100%. Thanks to it the applications we develop can reach even a broader range of users.

Mobile applications allow to enrich the company’s strategic projects portfolio, granting access to new content distribution channels. They can be mobile, promotional or informative, may refer to a service, object, product or idea. However, they are always an intriguing and involving experience for a user. And it translates into measurable benefits for your company.

Dedicated marketing application

We develop solutions, which combine an intuitive mode of operating tablets and smartphones with an effective presentation on a service or product, using the augmented reality technology.

Thanks to attractive mobile applications, you can reach a broad range of potential clients more effectively.


Dedicated entertainment application

We develop Internet applications, which provide high-quality entertainment. We carry out projects using 3D imaging and the augmented reality technology.

Game applications bring users a lot of joy and allow you to plan efficient promotion actions. Games can vary your advertising materials and make them more attractive.

Dedicated informative application

We develop mobile applications, which are an interactive carrier of information about the company. We combine many virtual techniques, astonishing potential clients.

Thanks to informative applications you can combine an innovative offer presentation with classical promotion materials or a website.

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