We transfer you to the world, where there is a thin line between what is real and what is virtual. In developing innovative solutions, we combine advanced technologies and hence achieve the best results.

In order to create truly functional applications, we use:

  • a self-made graphic engine using the shader technology, offering maximum efficiency and realism,
  • the augmented reality, linking the real world with computer generated objects,
  • QR codes enabling (after being scanned with a mobile device) to access additional multimedia content,
  • multidimensional application interactivity schemes,
  • the functionality of available sensors.


Interaction models

We make mobile devices offer much more than a user expects of them. We develop theoretical human-machine interaction models, which enable to combine real and virtual worlds.

Interaction designs allows to recognize users’ actual needs and include them in the process of functionality development. Thanks to them users will be able to use the application freely, find what they need and return to it in the future eagerly.

Sensor application

We use the properties of sensors to create advanced applications, meeting users’ needs better and better. A creative approach allows to offer truly innovative solutions.

Nearly all kinds of applications can be made more attractive by applying sensors. However, only an appropriate combination sensors’ various properties allows to develop an attractive functionality. Thanks to experience, accuracy and cutting edge imagination, we can develop applications ensuring real and intuitive human-mobile device interaction. It’s a completely new quality!

3D graphic engine

We equip the three-dimensional visual effects technology with new quality. We make 3D objects displayed at screens of mobile devices distinct for pioneer accuracy and precision. Excellent simulation of lighting and vivid shadows resembles reality almost perfectly.

Thanks to the graphic engine designed by us, graphic applications can be enriched with advanced graphic effects and allow to display detailed 3D models using the shader technology. Thanks to it we can prepare for our clients presentations of very complicated objects.

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