Easter Bunny LIVE

Meet the Easter Bunny from Stary Browar in 3D Augmented Reality!

The iconic bunny will come to life for the first time in history, and interact with you!

The app “Bring the Bunny to Life” combines a classic child’s play with AR technology.

The app’s creation was commissioned by Stary Browar, a Shopping, Arts and Business Center located in Poznan, which has been appreciating and developing new technologies for many years. Visit Stary Browar and see for yourself.

  1. Go to Stary Browar and find an Easter poster or get a coloring postcard from the Information Center.
  2. Scan the poster or postcard with the app. The bunny will transform from 2D into 3D – play with it!
  3. Color the bunny on the postcard and scan it with the app. The bunny’s fur color will change accordingly!
  4. You can take a picture with the bunny and send it your friends.