“Giercownia Leona” Games

“Giercownia Leona” is a set of  7 adventure arcade games for young smartphone users, which promote “Leon” juices for kids.

Brand hero

The player becomes Leon and experiences amazing adventures: driving a quad, swimming with a fast scooter, avoiding coconuts thrown by laughing monkeys… No time to take a breath!

The games impressed young users, connecting the app’s brand hero with the character promoting Hortex juices.

Leon’s character inspires positive associations, increasing brand awareness amongst young consumers.

Augmented Reality

After placing the marker cut out from a box of Leon juice on the table a virtual world builds up around it.  A fantastic 3D world full of colors and joy. You can almost touch it! The experience for kids is phenomenal!

But how?

Leon the lion recorded all the instructions personally, so the child knows immediately what awaits and how to play.

Hortex is one of the largest, most recognizable and trusted Polish brands. It’s the front-runner in the frozen vegetables and fruits market, and second in the juice, nectar and beverage market.

We created the app in co-operation with Stettiner Games & More.