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Product Configuration

Showcase your whole catalog, without the fear of running out of space.


Configurators for WWW

We respond to the need for product individualization by creating bespoken configurators.

The user will have complete freedom, which will allow him/her to leave a piece of him/herself in the product.

B2B and Sales

When the diversity of configurations makes the transport of products impossible, configurators will help to solve this problem, supporting sellers with a catalog of realistic object models, which are editable in real-time, from any place in the world.

Virtual Stall

The noise of a fair causes everybody to walk from one alley to the other in a trance-like state.

Tired visitors will appreciate an interesting form of product presentation.


The option to personalize products in the store will cause clients to be more loyal.

AR and VR (XR) Configurators

Due to high-quality visualization and immersiveness, users pay more attention to the content.

XR technology supplies users with an innovative and fully immersive experience.


Unique Brand Experience

Co-creating the product’s appearance emotionally attaches the client to the product, which increases the probability of its sale.

The attachment to the product can turn into attachment to the brand, increasing the time the user will spend inside the brand’s world.

Increasing the Probability of Purchase

Clients are more likely to buy products if the configuration process has been carefully thought through. XR can play the role of an adviser, who will eliminate the client’s doubts and shorten the way to the cash register.

Multi-platform Apps

Regardless of whether it’s e-commerce, ERP, CMS or social media – we will implement configurators into the existing infrastructure, optimizing the client’s journey.

An Integrated Client Journey

With configurators available on-line and in traditional stores, the difference between on-line and off-line clients becomes almost non-existent.

Offers which complement each other, clear information, and a user-friendly shopping process will decrease the client’s impatience, leading to greater satisfaction.