Services Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

A digital world unrestricted by time and space.

Virtual content is limited by the size of the screen. With virtual reality the screen is as big as your visual field.


VR Mobile Apps

We can create a virtual reality for anything you require.

All kinds of 3D content, product configurators, 360 panoramas and interactive videos will work both on Android and Apple devices.

Showroom and Product Visualization in VR

One lamp or a whole factory of lamps. Exhibition space is no longer a limitation.

Showcase your whole catalog of products in 3D using a smartphone.

VR for Fairs

The noise of a fair causes everybody to walk from one alley to the other in a trance-like state.

Tired visitors will appreciate an interesting form of product presentation.


Unique brand experience

In a store, at a fair or on-line. We can deliver a unique experience, which will bring the client closer to your brand.

Support Purchase Decisions

Your client will be able to decide on his/her purchase faster due to a new experience level offered by VR.

B2C and B2B

Companies using VR to visualize their products are able to present their whole range of products in an interactive way. This further engages the clients, increasing the chance of creating a positive response.

Expansion beyond Physical Boundaries

Real space is usually limited and expensive, especially in commerce and during fairs. With Virtual Reality it is possible to visualize even the most complicated processes and objects.

Innovative Tools and Services

Solutions, which enable new forms of interaction, can have applications not only for your clients. We are able to create apps analyzing gestures, virtual and augmented reality, configurators, and apps for object recognition in rooms, which will improve the workflow at your company.

An Integrated Client Journey

With configurators available on-line and in traditional stores the difference between on-line and off-line clients becomes almost non-existent. Offers which complement each other, clear information and a user-friendly shopping process will decrease the client’s impatience, leading to greater satisfaction.