Solutions Construction and Real Estate

Construction and Real Estate

Present yourself to your investors and sign more contracts, fill the building with tenants, and improve your company’s training process.

The construction business is very demanding, especially for new employees, who have to be prepared for a variety of situations, which are usually out of your hands. XR helps to solve many problems regarding employee training. With XR it is possible to simulate weather, emergencies or distant locations.


Visualization of the Construction Process

A house or a housing estate. Exhibition space is no longer a limitation.

Explain, using virtual or augmented reality, how the construction process looks like and what tools you use.

XR Training Sessions

With XR, simulating various problems for the purpose of training sessions is no longer a problem.

Variables like weather or assembly line failures are readily available. Without aftereffects, which could slow down the plant.

Quality Control

Minimize the procedure of machine quality control.

With AR, it is possible to disassemble, lift or turn around heavy equipment, in order to inspect its condition.

Virtual Stall

The noise of a fair causes everybody to walk from one alley to the other in a trance-like state.

Tired visitors will appreciate an interesting form of product presentation.

Interactive Tables for Presenting Projects

Now everyone attending a meeting can add suggestions and interact with the screen’s content in real time.

Creative Consulting

Rely on our creativity and experience, with a pinch of craziness.

We consult with clients in the process of preparing projects. If your company or agency is looking for the best AR/VR/3D solutions, look no further!

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