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Interior Design

Minimalism is great, but furniture is a must. Whether you are looking for a new interior design or want to present your products to clients – furniture requires time, transportation and care. What if all of this can be simplified and users had access to what’s most important: the space and the furniture? Available at their fingertips.


Virtual Stall

The noise of a fair causes everybody to walk from one alley to the other in a trance-like state.

Tired visitors will appreciate an interesting form of product presentation.

Static and Dynamic Furniture Presentation

We can animate any piece of furniture we created.

A solution, which is especially useful when creating virtual assembly instructions.

Virtual Assembly Instructions

For everyone who isn’t MacGyver virtual assembly instructions (in VR/AR) will make assembling much more intuitive and fun.

Creative Consulting

Rely on our creativity and experience, with a pinch of craziness.

We consult with clients in the process of preparing projects. If your company or agency is looking for the best AR/VR/3D solutions, look no further!

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