An application presenting a unique reactivation project for the lergendary car make WarszawA

Warszawa was the first Polish limousine and one of the largest cars produced in Poland after World War II. The present-day concept car New Warsaw is not related to the timeless classic by it’s name alone, but also by it’s unique body shape, attention to detail and modern design.

New Warsaw will be an ultra-modern car, full of cutting-edge technologies and equipped with a powerful engine. Production limited to four items per year will not only make this vehicle attractive and having a competitive advantage, but will also turn it into a collectors’ trophy, valued by motorization fans all around the world.


For the New Warsaw project we delivered an app designed to showcase the in-development concept car. The 3D content, information on the project and an Augmented Reality mode, all designed to familiarize the public with the reactivated legendary car brand, make for a truly innovate presentation of a spectacular undertaking.


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