Grodziska 3D

Mobile application Grodziska3D is an integral part of the publication “Trzy światy średniowiecza. Iuxta castrum Sandouel” (by G. Kiarszys), which presents the results of archaeological landscape studies carried in years 2014-2015 within the district Gora (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship, Poland). The main purpose of the application is an aid in presentation and interpretation of digital terrain models of relics of medieval strongholds registered by airborne laser scanning.

The mobile app Grodziska3D uses augmented reality technology with image recognition mode. After its installation and activation you can aim the camera of your mobile device at the figure printed in the catalogue part of the book and the 3D view of the chosen model of medieval stronghold will be presented on the screen.

Click here to download augmented reality images. Print it out and aim the camera of your mobile device on it.

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