Virtual Reality

Digital content is usually limited by the size of the screen. With virtual reality, the screen is as big as your visual field. With Virtual Reality, it is possible to visualize even the most complicated processes and objects. Experience a digital world unrestricted by time and space.

Augmented Reality

The vast availability of smartphones makes AR the easiest creative way to reach clients. Augmented Reality redefines the essence of your phone.

3D Modelling

Whether you want us to create a simple application or a complex game, aside from programming, 3D models are the basis for Virtual Reality. Objects, characters, scenes, worlds, and mechanisms. In 3D, for every platform.

Product Configuration

We respond to the need for product individualization by creating bespoken configurators. When the diversity of configurations makes the transport of products impossible, configurators will help to solve this problem, supporting sellers with a catalog of realistic object models, which are editable in real-time, from any place in the world.

Digital Signage

Infowalls, smart chairs and smart mirrors analyze data in real time, displaying information important to the brand, while simultaneously promoting sales and advising the customer.

360 VR Spherical Videos

The first step into Virtual Reality. 360 VR videos transport the user into the center of the action, so the viewer is not a mere observer, but instead becomes one of the actors.

An indescribable, virtual experience.

It is hard to forget a flight above an erupting volcano or a jump from the Eiffel tower. Your brand will be just as unforgettable.

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Factories / Logistics

When the complexity of processes increases, so does the possibility of fatal errors. We will help you minimize them. In many industries, employee training sessions can be exponentially improved by using Extended Reality (XR). Wherever reality is too expensive, dangerous or inadequate to properly train employees, augmented and virtual reality solutions can be used to make training more effective and less costly.

E-Commerce sales

Showcase your products at a place of your own choosing. Transfer your store to any place in the world, without having to rent the necessary space. A state-of-the-art product requires a state-of-the-art sales strategy. Augmented reality is a tempting solution for a conventionally packed product. Committing to interactions with a smile is a great way to sell your product.

Construction and Real Estate

The construction business is very demanding. With Extended Reality (XR) it is possible to simulate weather, emergencies or distant locations. Present yourself to your investors and sign more contracts, fill the building with tenants, and improve your company's training process.

Interior Design

Whether you are looking for a new interior design or want to present your products to clients – furniture requires time, transportation and care. What if all of this can be simplified and users had access to what's most important: the space and the furniture? Available at their fingertips.

Marketing and Advertising

The number of smartphone users keeps increasing. The potential lying in its computing power has been hardly tapped. Extended Reality has more possibilities now than ever before. Capture your clients’ attention for longer by giving them access to a valuable app, which is connected to your brand.


Generation Z doesn’t know a world without computers. We know how to use modern tools in order to optimize the learning process, so children memorize better and more permanently.

Present your product: the large, larger and the largest one.

Exhibition space is no longer a limitation. Your whole catalog of products displayed in 3D using a smartphone. Furniture, shoes or the cross-section of a tankship in a scale of 1:1.

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Volkswagen Crafter 360° WebVR

We are pleased to present another famous automotive brand in 360° WebVR and welcome Volkswagen Crafter as one of our clients.

The Watcher by Noriaki – AR effect for Instagram and Facebook

In collaboration with a Polish street artist, we have transported the figure present on Polish, English, Spanish etc. murals into augmented reality, using Instagram's AR effect.

Pickle Rick FanArt – Instagram AR filter

Here at 3R Studio, we are all big fans of the Rick and Morty TV series. That's why we decided to create our first advanced AR filter for the Instagram and Facebook apps based on this show.



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