Volkswagen Crafter 360° WebVR

We are pleased to present another famous automotive brand in 360° WebVR and welcome Volkswagen Crafter as one of our clients.

The Watcher by Noriaki – AR effect for Instagram and Facebook

In collaboration with a Polish street artist, we have transported the figure present on Polish, English, Spanish etc. murals into augmented reality, using Instagram's AR effect.

Pickle Rick FanArt – Instagram AR filter

Here at 3R Studio, we are all big fans of the Rick and Morty TV series. That's why we decided to create our first advanced AR filter for the Instagram and Facebook apps based on this show.

Sejm of Poland 360° WebVR

We are glad, that the Sejm (the lower house of the Polish Parliament) has decided to implement this immersive technology, joining a small group of public administrative bodies, who use it for promotion.

Deli Park – Oculus Go Game

Learning new information in the age of infoglut? We created a tool, which makes it easier to impart knowledge in Deli Park

Actros 360° WebVR

Our presentation system allows for a fully immersive journey. The presentation includes 360VR spherical photographs that are connected by portals, which allow the visitor to move between scenes.

Polish Economic Exhibition 2018-2019

We prepared four applications for the announcement of the Polish Economic Exhibition 2019. Two of them were created using Augmented Reality (AR).


DESIGN3R is our original set of tools designed to explore and dynamically modify interior designs.

Billaboom 3illiards

Great reviews from gamers from all around the world.


An original 3D navigational system for buildings.


Interactive 3D objects are displayed above the cover or above the coauthors' business cards, which is supposed to show AR as an alluring marketing tool.

“Giercownia Leona” Games

7 adventure arcade games for young smartphone users promoting "Leon" juices for kids.

History “Yesterday and Today”

Merge a paper textbook with the digital world.

Passive 3D

PasywneM2 is an education in the form of popularizing new technologies for construction solutions.

Nature’s Secrets

Merge a paper textbook with a digital world.

Gniezno 3D

The first in Poland historical mockup in the form of an interactive 3D app.


The "Rabenity" app is a simple way to present products to new clients, and it has been mentioned as one of the best examples of using Augmented Reality for industrial apps.

Easter Bunny LIVE

The app "Bring the Bunny to Life" combines a classic child's play with AR technology.

Children’s Day with the Orange Foundation

After scanning, the smartphone show characters from the Orange Foundation – Julka, Kuba and Psotnik – in 3D.


As the team's sponsor, 3R Studio enables the team to remotely present their project using our Augmented Reality browser.

3D Models

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