Actros 360° WebVR

A virtual product presentation system in
360° WebVR technology.

3R Studio Mobile and Mercedes? For us something to be proud of and for the luxury automobile manufacturer a very logical decision. The trustees of Daimler’s and Benz’ heritage surely know how important it is to choose the right partners in business.

The WebVR app is available online at:


The functions of 360° WebVR presentations

Interactive Surroundings

Infospots can contain 2D photographs, 3D models, animations, videos or just text.

Full Immersiveness

With spherical stereoscope photographs (360VR) you can feel the depth of the presented spaces and objects.


Whole application was translated to 13 languages such as German, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian or Turkish.

A Multi-Platform System

Apart from its VR version, the WebVR app can also be viewed on mobile and desktop devices. The app will work in every browser (even Internet Explorer).

Spherical sound

Audio content can be presented in both stereo and ambisonics, allowing to set the sound source in a full sphere. Using this technology we can reflect the real acoustic experience of spatial sound.

We have been present in the augmented and virtual reality industry since it first started to develop in Poland. And although we can not call ourselves giants (yet), our past experience speaks for itself.

Owing to this experience we can be a useful guide in the solutions of future marketing, even for giants like Mercedes.

Support during Motor Show Poznań 2019

Fairs are usually a messy rotation of various visitors.

Virtual Reality helps in this regard in a couple of ways.

Virtual Presentations

Our presentation system allows for a fully immersive journey.

The presentation includes 360VR spherical photographs that are connected by portals, which allow the visitor to move between scenes.


The TV next to the vehicle was transmitting the feed from the goggles in real time.

  • The visitors standing in line could follow the actions of the goggle users while learning about the product from the infospot.
  • Visitors, who wanted to see the inside of the vehicle, would leave the line leading to the real vehicle after using the VR goggles, making space for new visitors and encouraging other people to visit the stall.
  • Visitors, who after using the VR goggles still wanted to sit in the car, would enter a familiar space.


Obviously kids like gadgets.

However, their parents were surprised that their children, who are usually interested in nothing but games, were fully engaged in reading infospots and meticulously touring the VR presentations.


The Poznań Motor Show was visited by many people with disabilities.

VR allowed them to visit the inside of a truck cockpit and to explore cars.

Both adults and children left with a smile of their faces.


For most visitors it was their first interaction with VR.

Many people will remember this experience for a long time and they will connect with the brand.

Personalized Cardboard Goggles

Goggles are a great gadget to view VR content.

Their distribution improves the implementation of further creations using this tool.

Different versions of the goggles allow to adjust them to the needs and visual identity of the client.




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