DESIGN3R is our original set of tools designed to explore and dynamically modify interior designs.

It enables to feel the space of the project, to experience it fully by immersing in it.

DESIGN3R solves many problems encountered by designers and architects, such as:

  • available exhibition space,
  • logistics issues with showcasing products,
  • the time necessary to showcase products,
  • a reach of the presentation,
  • the inability to visualize furniture inside the client’s space,
  • the client not being involved in the process of choosing the products.

All of this has been minimized with our multidimensional system.

For one of our clients, Polish Furniture Group, we have introduced a multi-platform system for showcasing furniture and placing orders.

DESIGN3R FURNITURE AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) are special tools, which have many helpful functions, not only for clients, but also for interior designers and those who work in marketing and sales.

In real time, the user will be able to:

  • browse through the catalogue, without placing the furniture in AR;
  • insert multiple pieces of furniture and manipulate it in augmented reality;
  • change the color and texture of each element;
  • request a quotation.

As opposed to similar AR tools available on the market, DESIGN3R enables to present not ONE, but multiple pieces of furniture, so that you can visualize the whole furniture arrangement in one room.

DESIGN3R AR. Augmented Reality.

Watch our DESIGN3R AR presentation.

Design Inside the Space

Clients will be more willing to buy furniture, knowing it looks good in their space.


Every surface can be adjusted to current surroundings. We have created high-quality textures for every piece of furniture.

Design Using Your Smartphone

Contrary to other available apps, DESIGN3R allows to present not one, but many pieces of furniture in one room. This way, we can make sure that all the furniture will fit.


The objects have been complemented with animations so that you can see how much space the furniture takes up with open doors and drawers.

 Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG)

For this application we have implemented an original system, which enables to precisely adjust wall panels.

Precise Orders

Using our algorithms, we can precisely estimate the area of the panels when the order is placed.

Download Polish Furniture

The mobile version of DESIGN3R is perfect for large furniture brands, sales departments, and designers.

compact furniture catalogue allows to find the perfect décor and to place an order much faster.


DESIGN3R VR. Virtual Reality

Watch our demo material of DESIGN3R VR.

Virtual Showroom

With our system, you can create a multi-level showroom, fitting an entire virtual shopping centre into 10m2

Your offer in a nutshell

Present your entire range of products, without paying for physical exhibition space at a fair.

Dynamic Lighting and Reflexes

We will animate every piece of furniture according to the client’s guidelines. We are able to recreate even the most difficult surfaces, such as wood, mirrors, and glass.

Interacting with Objects

Reposition, turn, and check the dimensions of every product from the database.

Product Catalogues

Browse through the catalogue and adjust the object to your space.

Modifying Various Elements

Every surface can be freely edited.


Changing the color of the furniture, the desk pedestal, or the legs helps to visualize and customize products.


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