Pickle Rick FanArt – Instagram AR filter

Here at 3R Studio, we are all big fans of the Rick and Morty TV series. That’s why we decided to create our first advanced AR filter for the Instagram and Facebook apps based on this show.

Although the series is a 2D animation, our fan art is based on our own 3D model of Pickle Rick, which we introduce in more detail on our blog.

If you’d like to become Pickle Rick, simply like our Facebook fanpage or follow our account on Instagram. This will enable you to choose the filter from the list of AR filters.

Creating a filter like this is not an easy task. We start by creating a model that can be used for animations, we add controls for morphing, so called ShapeKeys/BlendShapes, we model the shape of the lips, eyebrows, eyes, and other features of the face, which are crucial to capture the character’s personality. Next, we need to use the functionalities of the SparkAR platform in a smart way, that is adequately plan the model, attach the morphing elements of the face to the matching animations in the PATCHES editor, and create the animated material, taking into account the small filter size allowed by SparkAR.

As you can see, even with a simple character like this, the end effect consists of many parts, details and dependencies. All of this needs to be precisely organized and connected in the editor, and later published and shared with our fans on FB and our followers on Instagram.

Try out our filters

AR filters are winning over social media and we have the confidence to create them and deliver them to our clients.




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