Polish Economic Exhibition 2018-2019

We prepared four applications for the announcement of the Polish Economic Exhibition 2019. Two of them were created using Augmented Reality (AR). Please visit the exhibition space on Piłsudski Square in Warsaw.

Source: Facebook PWG

Profession Changing Room

AR mirror – become a pilot, a physician or an astronaut for just a minute.

The app captures the image from the camera and combines it with a 3D model. It precisely recreates the visitor’s moves.

Using gestures the visitor can choose one of the outfits, which adjusts to his/her moves and figure.

We prepared eight 3D models, which are the bases for the app. The app has been programmed for interaction with the surrounding and gesture control.

© President of Poland testing our augmented reality mirror Jakub Szymczuk/KPRP; source: Facebook PWG

Augmented Window

When you look through the window of the exhibition space, Piłsudski Square looks a bit different – a transatlantic sails by, a train passes, and there is a tower rising from its center.

The app captures an image from a camera located behind the screen simulating a window. A  3D animation layer is placed on top of that image.

The animation depicts the tower of the Poznan International Fair rising from the ground, a Luxtorpeda train driving onto the square, or the M/S Piłsudski emerging from the mist.

The latter is especially breath-taking – the 75″ screens create an unstoppable illusion of a colossal mass coming right at the visitor.

Dynamic Comic

Five stories about the adventures of adorable characters have been presented in the form of an interactive comic.

The app is based on intuitive gestures, it’s user-friendly and appropriate for users of every age.

Interactive Infokiosks

There are five interactive touchscreens set up around the tower of the exhibition hall. Each of them is dedicated to a different part of the exhibition.

We organized large amounts of data and presented them in the form of texts, images, and videos in the sections called “Figures”, “Companies”, “Timeline” and “Fun Facts”.

And that’s only the preview of the Polish Economic Exhibition 2019.

See you next year!

Source: Facebook PWG




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