The Watcher by Noriaki – AR effect for Instagram and Facebook

INSTAGRAM: @noriakinoriaki

In collaboration with a Polish street artist, we have transported the figure present on Polish, English, Spanish etc. murals into augmented reality, using Instagram’s AR effect.

The Watcher

Most of you have probably noticed this enigmatic character on urban walls and buildings. Sometimes he stands, other times he is climbing, but the Watcher is always observing the surrounding reality.

INSTAGRAM: noriakinoriaki

INSTAGRAM: noriakinoriaki

Streetart Tattoo

Noriaki’s fans gladly sacrifice not only parts of their apartments, houses, and clothes, but also their bodies. As a result, the Watcher can be seen on many forearms, legs, and chests.

Watcher AR

The Watcher is so popular that it became part of one of Poznan’s most important event, the name day of St. Martin street, as well as many tattoos. That’s why we decided to make the Watcher an integral part of not only the concrete, but also the digital jungle.

That’s how the Watcher AR came to be.

The reach of street art on Instagram

As our medium, we decided to use Instagram, which is know for its filters and AR effects. Probably every Instagram user has used one of those functions at some point.

Instagram’s advantage over Facebook is that, if a profile or artist has a fanbase, the content they are publishing will be visible to their followers and their reach won’t be limited.

Using and sharing the effect is simple and intuitive, and the number views directly corresponds to number of users watching Instastories with those effects.

So in reality we reached more than twice the numbers of the artist’s followers.

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Becoming the Watcher using Augmented Reality.

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The functions of the application


Every Instagram user with internet access is able to see the effect. Most smartphones will have no problem showing the AR effect.

Reach and recognizability

Apart from the artist’s/brand’s fans, every person who uses the effect or sees and shares the video in their story increases their reach and recognizability, since it will be visible which profile the effect is coming from.


AR effects recognize eye and mouth movements, so fans with a neck for acting will be able to make interesting impressions in their stories..




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