Volkswagen Crafter 360° WebVR

We are pleased to present another famous automotive brand in 360° WebVR and welcome Volkswagen Crafter as one of our clients.

In the first quarter of 2019, Volkswagen was the most sold automotive brand in Europe. Leaders dictate trends, so introducing VR as a sales and marketing tool was a natural choice.

Just like with the Sejm RP and Mercedes-Benz Trucks projects, we used 3D to present elements important for the brand and the product. Space is important during long trips, and the depth of VR images enables us to transfer real dimensions into the digital representation of the vehicle.

See: vr.vwdostawcze.pl

If you don’t own VR goggles, you can also watch the presentation using your smartphone or computer.

Autumn photo shoot

We have taken 15 photos in 360 3D and 60 conventional photos of the four Crafter versions in natural conditions for infospots. We had the most fun working with the new version of Grand California, which is a flag model of the Volkswagen Crafter.

From stitching to immersiveness

VR stereoscopy allows you to feel the depth of the space and to immerse yourself in the history while focusing on educational and informational content. In order to achieve this effect, you need precise processing (stitching), correction and colouring of the photos.
One of the stages of processing 360VR photos.

Availability means no additional apps

The presentation can be viewed on mobile devices, computers, and tablets – without additional applications, directly from your internet browser. All you need is the web address.
For users, who want to fully immerse themselves in the experience, we’ve prepared the cardboard VR mode. For others, we prepared a flat 360 degree panorama mode.
Full screen view in your desktop browser

Infospots – find out more

New VW cars include features, which are presented using interactive infospots. In this project we used photos and text.
Infospots in the car space

Interactive surroundings

Infospots make it possible to see additional content while engaging the user more compared to conventional presentations.
The presentation in enhanced by ambient music, which helps users to distance themselves from the outside world.
Infospots with background information

Personalized Cardboard Goggles

For this project we have designed a set of special goggles, which are also an interesting and unique advertisement tool.

VW eCrafter i VR

Volkswagen always keeps in touch with current trends, not only by designing electric cars like eCrafter, but also by employing the newest technologies in marketing.
photo: VW press materials.



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