Services 3D Modelling

3D Modelling

Irrelevant of whether you want us to create a simple application or a complex game, aside from programming, 3D models are the basis for Virtual Reality.

Objects, characters, scenes, worlds, and mechanisms. In 3D, for every platform.


3D Real-Time Graphic for Mobile and Desktop

Scenes, figures, hard-surface and organic.

Retopology of 3D Models from Various Sources

3D scans

CAD, sculptured (Z-brush and similar), PBR model texturing, lightmapping of scenes in Unity 3D, animated 3D figures, handling motion capture formats.


360 VR Spherical Video shots
Static shots for Arch Viz


Blender / Blender Cycles, 3DStudio Max / V-Ray, Octane Renderer, Substance Painter / Designer, Photoshop / Gimp / Unity 3D, Visual Studio / VSCode, Git / SVN / Unity Collab, CAD.