Services Digital Signage

Digital Signage

The potential of many flat surfaces and objects is being squandered.

Engage users with an intelligent windows, a table for presenting projects and a purposeful infokiosk.


Event installations

Tables and mirrors will no longer be a mere piece of furniture.

Spruce up your event using an installation that interacts with clients.

Installations in Retail Outlets

We will create solutions, which increase the client’s interest.

Infowalls, smart chairs and smart mirrors analyze data in real time, displaying information important to the brand, while simultaneously promoting sales and advising the customer.

Corporate solutions

Since it is possible to both interact with the presentation, program different language versions and essential information, the screens can be used for navigation, as customer service point, or for improving internal communication or the companies image.


Unique brand experience

In a store, at a fair or on-line. We can deliver a unique experience, which will bring the client closer to your brand.

Support Purchase Decisions

Your client will be able to decide on his/her purchase faster due to a new experience level offered by VR.

Innovative Tools and Services

Solutions, which enable new forms of interaction, can have applications not only for your clients. We are able to create apps analyzing gestures, virtual and augmented reality, configurators, and apps for object recognition in rooms, which will improve the workflow at your company.

Multi-platform Apps

Regardless of whether it’s e-commerce, ERP, CMS or social media – we will implement configurators into the existing infrastructure, optimizing the client’s journey.

An Integrated Client Journey

With configurators available on-line and in traditional stores the difference between on-line and off-line clients becomes almost non-existent. Offers which complement each other, clear information and a user-friendly shopping process will decrease the client’s impatience, leading to greater satisfaction.