Instagram Filters

The Age of Change

Our way of life has significantly changed in the past 20 years. One of the key elements of our modern lives are smartphones. Technology makes our life easier, so we tend to live faster and more intensely.

Filters, masks, lenses, or effects?

The terminology is not fixed. Depending on the platform, different terms are used, even if they mean the same. Instagram uses the word “effect”, but to make things simpler we use the most common term: filters.


It has become much more difficult to catch the viewers’ attention, since on-line content is plentiful and diversified. The only way to survive this struggle for attention is to keep your eye on the ball and use what platforms like Instagram have to offer.

Why Instagram?


  • Instagram is the second most downloaded app in Appstore.
  • The phrase “Instagram” is the 10th most searched word on Google.
  • Every day, more than 500mln users use the story feature.
  • In December 2019 the number of Polish Instagram users exceeded 7mln, which comprises 19% of the Polish population.


More than 7mln people seem to enjoy Instagram’s short and concise content format. Every brand trying to reach an audience between the ages of 14 and 34 has their own Instagram account and knows how valuable their reach and their followers’ engagement, so called “love content”, is.

Love content = engagement

Love content simply means content, which has gotten many reactions. The need to watch and share interesting content is addressed by e.g. AR filters. With filters, users are not only more likely to view Instastories, they are also encouraged to try them out, which happens in two simple steps.

As you can see on this graphic, even a few shares can generate 10 or 200 times more views.
In the green frame you can see the results of one of our filters

An example how a filter might look like


What kind of elements can be included in a filter? Anything ranging from 2D graphics, audio files, voice modulation, graphic effects, to 3D models and animations. The only limitations are imagination and file size.

Size matters

An AR filter file can be no larger than 4MB. 4MB is not a lot, but optimization of 3D content is our forte. We can fit a lot, even in a small file.

In this post, you can read how we slimmed down the model of a MMA fighter from 900MB to 24MB.


Individual and Innovative Solutions

The interactiveness of AR campaigns is what improves the brand’s image and the clients’ loyalty.

When you have a context individualizing the whole experience, money is no longer the main decision factor.Technology makes products more memorable.

Choosing the technology and configuration

The quality and availability of modern phones increases every day. That’s why more and more companies decide to create AR content.
At the core of augmented reality development are Google ARCore and Apple ARKit, which create solutions for the global market.

Experience reality in a different way

By combining the digital world with reality, Augmented Reality enables users to experience space in an unconventional way.

This technology decreases the amount of time and money necessary to accomplish tasks, and at the same time increases the number of satisfied and loyal clients.

Looking for a filter for your brand?

If you are looking to create a filter for your brand, contact us!



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