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Mobile Applications

Shopping, catalogs, data visualization, communication with employees and clients, micropayments, loyalty programs – we will create them for your brand.


AR / VR /MR (XR) Apps

We create apps, which work on every platform.

We specialize in Virtual and Augmented Reality apps, which are a great support for marketing and sales.

Mobile Apps

We create user-friendly apps.

Apps without unnecessary functions, improving the shopping process, communication and navigation throughout various objects.

On-line Assistants

We create applications, which facilitate dialog. Inside communities, between companies and in the form of bots on social media.

We are able to create bots, which can adapt to the context of the conversation and which resemble a real-life person.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart houses, cities and companies.

We create environments, which allow smart devices to communicate with each other, improving the functioning of the space, where IoT solutions have been applied.

Applications Facilitating Trade

We are able to create an app, which will simplify the payment process and obtaining information about the product.

Solutions integrated with PoS are particularly interesting, because combined with WiFi, NFC or beacons they improve the payment process.


Brand Communication

Right now, there are apps for every possible purpose. Shopping, conversation or obtaining information. Companies focus their efforts on the internet.

Apps allow for many solutions in e-commerce and brand communication.

Contextual Apps

The location of mobile phone users is constantly changing.

Using technology, we can obtain the user’s location in order to provide context adequate content.

Direct Contact

Mobile phones have become intermediaries in communicating with our friends. Brands can use smartphones to engage customers at the cash register.

We will help to kill time in the line or provide a contactless payment system.