WebVR interactive presentations

Virtual reality, is a controversial field of technology, but undeniably one of the most interesting in terms of attractiveness for recipients and freedom for creators.

This is demonstrated, among others, by the numbers confirming the growing trend of the VR segment.

  • An increase from $ 14 billion in 2019 in content revenue and VR headsets to $ 22 billion in 2020.
  • In 2020, the number of smartphone users is expected to exceed 2.87 billion
  • 78% of teenagers have access to a smartphone
  • In the US, over 70% of advertising budgets are spent on online advertising.

WebVR is a variety of this field that can be consumed through web browsers, expanding its capabilities with the increase in available computing power and the size and resolution of screens in smartphones.

We offer WebVR solutions, among which our clients most appreciated 360° VR tours..

We also carry out tours comprehensively – from consultations on creation and narration, through a professional 360-degree stereoscopic photo session and construction of a dedicated website with implementation on the client’s side.

Why use VR?

Technological leap

For the past 20 years, television has been gradually replaced by the Internet and nobody notices printed advertisements any more. Fairs and stores are still full of flyers, brochures and catalogues, but customers are becoming more and more demanding.

Campaign audience

In terms of advertising, we can distinguish three groups of customers: a cold audience, a warm audience and clients.

A cold audience are those customers, who don’t know your product. A warm audience consists of customers, who have already heard about your brand. Clients are customers, who have bought your products in the past.

Each of those groups requires an individually targeted campaign and approach.

A war for attention and user experience

At a time when content is competing, both on-line and off-line, user experience has never been more important.

In terms of selling and advertising, if we offer our customers more experiences than the competition, we will gain an edge.

Buying a cat in a sack?

Whether we are looking into buying a car or going on vacation, we often make decisions based on our expectations. In almost all cases, we perceive the final product or destination differently than from the pictures. Especially in the case of things we can’t see in reality.

Although, in the case of everyday objects, like cars or coffee makers, we can see and touch the product in the store, if we have several products to choose from and we can’t view all of them in one place, the purchase can turn out to be a lengthy adventure.

The functions of WebVR presentations

Interactive Surroundings

An interactive journey. Every object you want to showcase, can be presented with photographs, 2D/3D animations, surround music and a narrator.

Full Immersiveness

With stereoscopy we can reflect the space, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in a world created specially for your brand.


Just like web sites and films, the journey can be enhanced with subtitles in the user’s native language. This is especially helpful during fairs, when there is no time to take care of multiple clients at a time.

A Multi-Platform System

Another essential characteristic of WebVR presentations is the fact that they can be used on multiple platforms.

Even if the user doesn’t own goggles, he can take part in the journey on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Personalizing cardboard goggles

Gogle stanowią znakomity gadżet, umożliwiający oglądanie treści VR. Ich dystrybucja usprawnia wdrażanie kolejnych realizacji wymagających tego narzędzia. Kilka wariantów gogli pozwala na ich dostosowanie do potrzeb oraz identyfikacji wizualnej klienta.

Our WebVR projects

Volkswagen Crafter 360° WebVR

Sejm of Poland 360° WebVR

Mercedes-Benz Actros 360° WebVR


A unique brand experience

In a store, at a fair or on-line. We can deliver a unique experience, which will bring the client closer to your brand

Support purchase decisions

Your client will be able to decide on their purchase faster due to a new level of experience offered by VR.

B2B and B2C

Companies using VR to visualize their products are able to showcase a whole range of products in an interactive way. This further engages customers, increasing the chance of creating a positive response.

Expansion beyond physical boundaries

Real space is usually limited and expensive, especially in commerce and during fairs. With Virtual Reality, it is possible to visualize even the most complicated processes and objects.

Innovative tools and services

Solutions, which enable new forms of interaction can have applications not only for your clients. We are able to create apps that analysing gestures, virtual and augmented reality, configurators, and apps for object recognition in rooms, which will improve the work flow at your company.

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